Quy trình mua pallet nhựa tại thị trường Đồng Nai năm 2023
Production process and experience when buying Dong Nai plastic pallets
Dong Nai plastic pallet production process in 2023

Dong Nai plastic pallets are manufactured according to a strict process. Depending on the needs of each customer, they will choose HDPE or PP material. Then follow these steps:
Step 1: Make liquid plastic by putting plastic granules into plastic injection machine
Step 2: Put liquid plastic into the forming mold for Dong Nai plastic pallets
Step 3: The press uses force to fix the mold
Step 4: Heat treatment to shape Dong Nai plastic pallets in the mold.
Step 5: The press takes the Dong Nai plastic pallet product out of the mold
Step 6: Check the surface and structure of Dong Nai plastic pallets
Step 7: Pack and ship to customers
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Experience when choosing to buy Dong Nai plastic pallets in 2023
How to buy Dong Nai plastic pallets in 2023? In order to help customers choose to buy suitable Dong Nai plastic pallet products, Quynh Tram Plastic Pallets has summarized the experience of buying plastic pallets in Dong Nai as follows:
Customers need to determine how their products and goods need? Dimensions, shipping methods, etc. Then choose a pallet of appropriate quality and size.
Find out the addresses that supply plastic pallets by asking people you know. Or go online to look for reliable, experienced and reputable suppliers.
Contact a trusted plastic pallet supplier. Thanks for consulting and quotation on suitable plastic pallet products. Note: if possible, customers should come directly to contact. Do not transact online to avoid fraudsters.
Quynh Tram Plastic Pallets
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